Unique Timber Floor Shapes & Designs For Your Inspiration

Sometimes bringing life to your home can be as simple as being a little bold with your flooring choice.

We scoured the internet to find some interesting timber flooring shapes & design layouts to inspire you to be creative with your next flooring project

Wood Puzzle Flooring

An ideal option for homeowners who prefer to retain the traditional look of hardwood flooring but also would like to add an element of character and personality, this wood puzzle type floor is made by laser cutting a floor tone into a puzzle shape. The floor would be a great addition to a playroom for the kids, games rooms, home theatres and much more.



Biscuit Parquet

Creating this collection the designer has freely played with the lines and the shapes of the traditional parquet layout until the result was an elegant, somewhat minimalistic pattern with soft lines and playful spirit.

Rethinking traditional wood floors, where rounded, bevelled and curved boards along with a slight “bombé” effect of the surface create a new language. The smooth cut of the boards allow one to play with new designs and compositions, which although similar to the classic patterns of ancient wooden floors, give life to modern and original herringbone, diagonal or full length geometries.



Cordwood Flooring

Having a strong design in your home can be born with the use of a unique design layout. Creating a design that attracts attention and turns the whole look of your interior into something new and original can be hard to find. We think however this design will be best described as head turning. It is a beautiful rustic cordwood flooring, made by Sunny Pettis Lutz in her own home.
She managed to create the flooring herself and the outcome is simply gorgeous. The cordwood used for the flooring comes from dead trees. She used 2 different types of Juniper wood and created an amazing decoration piece in her home that will surely stand the test of time and will inspire others to follow in her footsteps.



Pallet Timber Floors

Ever thought about using pallet timber for your flooring choice. Well this example may persuade in this direction. The longevity of your floor really depends on how much foot traffic it will receive on a daily basis. However, this is nothing to be overly concerned about. Even with regular activity, provided you maintain your floors, you will only experience a very slight deterioration over time. Certainly giving large amounts of character to any space, with the choice of leaving it in its natural form or perhaps applying a stain & gloss finish.. However, wooden pallet flooring does have a unique advantage. If a section gets damaged, its super easy to replace that area with leftovers from when you built the floor! Even if you didn’t have any leftovers, you could easily find more and do a DIY replacement in a short time.



Timber Mixed With Tiles

We think this is very creative! The design takes the use of the elements to another level of greatness. Taking such advantage of high end to create this stunning entrance. I love everything about this project!


Geometrical Shapes

Mandi from ‘Vintage Revivals’ created this DIY geometric wood floor project for a trailer remodel, but there is no reason you can’t use it in your home. This project would be best for a small space, again more like a kids playroom or games room, as it is more intricate. The design would lift the feel of the room with its charm no doubt.