Creative Flooring Designs for Character & Appeal

One of the many features of older homes is their beautiful timber floorboards that bring out character and style.

Trending now though is the use of timber flooring in new construction, and not so in the conventional way.

Parquetry timber flooring provides a unique and stylish option for those looking to be a little bold in their design choices.

It’s a great way to add personality to your home renovation or new home construction.

Of course you should consider factors such as cost, appearance and wear whilst ensuring your design fits in with the furnishings and your lifestyle.

For inspiration, we have compiled 7 beautiful parquetry-flooring designs for you to marvel.

7 Creative Parquetry Flooring Ideas

Contrasting Tones

We absolutely love the dark rich tones contrasting against the light furnishings and paint colour scheme. The flooring gives a rustic feel in a stylish and elegant setting.

Whatever its setting, parquetry flooring just refuses to look dated or out of place.



Style & Elegance

This entrance would otherwise look plain & simple, however the use of herringbone parquetry flooring has lifted it’s appeal and style.

Although herringbone & chevron are the traditional types used, modern advancements in technology now allow for laser cut designs customized to your liking



Contrasting Borders

A different take on the standard chevron style is this design incorporating a border or framed piece with contrasting tones.

It introduces a range of tones, adds depth and visual interest to this space.



Open Plan Living

The classic chevron design style. Sometimes defining a space in open plan living is difficult. Add interest and appeal without being to bold.



Contrasting Finishes

Combining contrasting finishing processes, Haze floors are subtle yet stunning, including metalised washes within the finish to achieve a floor of true class.



True Elegance

This collection incorporates a mixture of gold and silver metal which is inlaid into the wood grain. The effect is a more subtle, softer metal colour than pure silver or gold. The ratio of silver and gold used in this collection can be adjusted to achieve the exact metal tone desired.



Rustic Charm

Skinny but long spaces to work with are tricky to dress & impress. This hallway with only one colour scheme and minimal space for furnishings would look bland and perhaps uninviting.

The variation of chevron styled parquetry flooring with its old & rustic feel has personalised this space on so many levels.

There is a range of shades, depth and visual interest whilst bringing warmth & character.



Tired of the boring, old, single-toned option that carpet provides?

Spice up your family home with parquetry flooring.

The stylish pattern timbered choice of parquetry flooring has been used for centuries on some of the world’s oldest and most famous buildings. The timeless presentation of this patterned timber flooring ensures your home will never go out of style.

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