Cypress Pine Floor Finishes To Create A Rustic Charm

Cypress Pine Floor Finishes

Whether you live in a property or perhaps you’ve just acquired an investment property benefiting from old cypress pine flooring, you can make a statement whilst saving a sum by potentially refinishing the pine floors.

Cypress pine flooring was common and typically used in the early 80’s through to the 90’s due to its availability from natural regrowth forests throughout western NSW.

The wood has a very distinctive odour, which is most noticeable during sawing or planing.

The odour comes from a nature resin which is said to be an effective repellent for termites. In fact the heartwood of cypress pine ranks as a termite resistant.

But can you refinish Cypress Pine flooring?

Well the answer is Yes you can…

And there are many options or techniques you can apply to bring back life or make a style statement.

Cypress pine flooring is heavily knotted and when used as a primary floor covering it can add a rustic elegance to any room.

The sanding process can be a little tricky so engaging professional floor sanders is highly recommended to avoid over sanding or sanding too vigorously in areas where resins may heat up and release from the pine.

You can experiment with different natural or stained finishes to try and find a look that is rustic or darker without the floors looking blotchy or fake.

The trick is to find products that will retain the natural grain but bring out the colour your trying to achieve. In the end it all depends on what final look your after.

Here Are 5 Popular Cypress Pine Floor Finishes

Cypress Pine With Water Based Satin Finish

Each floor space and purpose will determine the floor finish. Each will have its own distinct appearance. Satin finishes often does not reflect high amounts of light therefore allowing the finish to highlight the beauty of your floors without emphasising every tiny scratch.

Synteko is a one-component, non-yellowing water-based low-odour finish for hardwood timber floors. Perfect for cypress pine, the unique feature is that it keeps the timber floor looking natural in tone as if there wasn’t any coating

The finish gives good resistance to wear, scratching, scuffing, marring and is therefore ideal for surfaces subject to medium wear in residential properties.

Satin Finish


Cypress Pine Walnut Finish

Do you desire a more contemporary look? Sanding then staining your cypress floors with a walnut colour is an affordable way to spruce up your space without a full replacement.

Cypress Pine Walnut Stain Finish


Cypress Pine High Gloss Finish

For dining rooms, libraries, studies and bedrooms, a high gloss wood floor finish defines the cypress pine grain and knots whilst offering darker stains more pizzazz.

It gives off an elegant finish that appeals to many tastes. So the higher sheen levels in your cypress pine floor finish, the greater level of detail and character displayed.

Lime Wash Cypress Pine Floor

Cypress pine has high tannins. Test out some boards and you may found lime wash is very opaque. Depending on how deep the lime wash finish you desire, you may be better off with a water based stain tinted white.


Whitewash Cypress Pine Floor Finish

Take a tip from the Scandinavians and apply a subtle whitewashed finish. For homes in need of a style statement, nothing matches the elegance of white-washed floors. Instantly transformative, white floors add contemporary flair to period homes where the cypress boards may be in poorer condition.


If your timber floor is looking a little worse for wear, then floor sanding is the perfect solution. Floor sanding removes the damage and visible wear from the surface of your floorboards. Once this layer has been removed, we simply apply a suitable finish.

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