Welcome to our gallery featuring bold dark hardwood floor spaces with rich colour tones.

Dark hardwood colours tend to absorb light thus making a room look smaller so should your home have large living rooms or kitchen spaces, then you are in the enviable position to lay down dark hardwood flooring to give a sleek stylish look.

Whilst you may be torn between the idea of going bold with a stylish dark hardwood floor or just going with the flow of staying neutral, we think our feature gallery of dark hardwood spaces will give you the inspiration needed.

After all, dark hardwood floors do indeed look sleek.

Take a look through our gallery to see how you can incorporate rich dark hardwood floors into your home.

Our selection is full of different styles and colours, so no matter your personal preference, we’ve got something here for you!


This quaint little kitchen has a beautiful natural hardwood flooring that matches the deep colour in the bench-tops. The cream coloured cabinets give this beautiful space a pleasant contrast.



Deep rich hues in this dark wooden flooring creates a beautiful contrast with the light door drapes. Leading out onto another divine outdoor space, these wide plank dark floorboards add a rustic and traditional look.



This elegant home has exquisite decor with splashes of light grey and white. The dark hardwood flooring brings a sharp contrast with the tones of grey in the furniture.



This kitchen has a very polished unique hardwood floor with touches of grey in it’s hues. The dark colouring contrasts with the light walls and cabinets though we really do love the turquoise island bench with light contrasting lighter bench top.



These ultra-dark hardwood floors seem almost black and contrast beautifully with the white walls, cabinetry, and fireplace. To add touches of elegance and style between the two are shades of grey and rich velvet green in the heavily textured furniture.



These smooth, polished dark red / brown toned hardwood floors are a more traditional width and go perfectly with the sharp white cabinetry and light blue island bench panelling.



This much more luxurious living room has wide-plank wood floors stained nearly black. Small natural accents, like the floor coverings under the dining table and sitting room, add a bit of life to the room and define each space.


dark-wood-floor finishes

This utterly contemporary though modestly sized kitchen is a great example of how dark hardwood floors and contrasting dark kitchen cabinets can still make a room feel spacious.

Dark wood floors can be incredibly elegant and sophisticated, bringing richness and polish to a space. When paired with the right furnishings and colours, these spaces can be complete with the addition of crisp white walls and perhaps some greenery for that added touch.

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