Floor Sanding Pre-Installed Engineered Timber Boards

We get enquires about floor sanding timber boards that are of the engineered type.

These are typically the type that can be purchased in packs and laid in position on existing flooring. Commonly called floating floorboards.

Most people are looking to have their engineered floors sanded and re-finished to save costs on installing new boards.

So what is Engineered Timber Flooring?

engineered floor sandingEngineered timber flooring is made from layers of plywood glued together to form the core of the product, and then a layer of hardwood veneer is affixed to the top surface. The multiple layers of plywood and top layer of hardwood give the overall product its full thickness.

The only thing that needs to be determined whether or not these types of floor boards can be sanded and re-finished is the thickness of the top layer of hardwood.

There are many different products in many various thicknesses.

The minimum thickness of the top hardwood layer we look for is 3mm.

Our floor sanding process typically removes 1mm of the top surface, and we allow for any areas that may show un-evenness.

One of our recent projects consisted of engineered wood floors and our customer had requested us to consider floor sanding & refinishing them.

On previous conversations with other timber floor installers, the homeowners were advised against sanding engineered flooring.

When we visited the property, we could determine the floor boards were in good condition and there was approx.. 4mm of hardwood as the top wear layer. This meant we could give the top surface a light sand & refinish.

This particular floor didn’t really have bad gauges in the floor, more small scratches and marks from general wear & tear in 2 or 3 high use areas of the two living rooms that we restored.

Where the trouble is with some Engineered timber floors is that the top hardwood wear layer may only be 1 or 2mm in thickness, either as original from the manufacturer, or from previous sanding & re-finishing, and the indents and gauges are literally scratched through to the plywood core of the flooring product.

Unfortunately in this case, this is when trying to sand & refinishing an Engineered wood floor can be problematic, because if you sand through the top hardwood layer to the plywood core then the floor would be ruined, leaving the floor in disrepair. At that stage the floorboard would need replacing, which may require the entire area to be replaced.

So can Engineered timber flooring be sanded?

Yes an Engineered Hardwood Timber Flooring can indeed be sanded and Re-Finished…

…But the contractor or homeowner doing the project must be completely sure that the top hardwood layer of the board is thick enough to be able to take a full sand and seal.

To be absolutely sure, ensure there is a minimum of 3mm.

If your thinking of having your engineered floor bards sanded & refinished or perhaps you have solid timber floor boards and you require them to be brought back to their original beauty, then make sure to contact our floor sanding Newcastle team for a full inspection and consultation on the best process for your project.