Polished hardwood timber flooring is such a wonderful organic material. Few flooring options can give your home a warm and authentic feel whilst looking elegant and timeless.

It can be common for homeowners to segment the kitchen from hardwood flooring and substitute this space with tiles or laminate.

This article, we look at some stunning kitchens with hardwood flooring throughout.

There is some debate as to whether or not wood floors are suitable for kitchen flooring, with some saying timber floors are just too susceptible to water damage.

We think this to be a non issue, unless of course you’re pretty clumsy with water!!

We hope this article can persuade you into taking the plunge and going all out with laying wood flooring in your kitchen.
As natural as hardwood timber is…the floorboards do require care & maintenance.

So before we showcase some classic hardwood flooring kitchens, let’s first look at some tips for keeping your floor look fresh and amazing.

We assume you’re laying hardwood flooring throughout your entire property, so with that in mind you are best to consider the type of species that will suit the use within a kitchen.

The species with a higher Janka hardness scale will offer a higher degree of protection against dropping heavy objects…because yes everyone drops a plate or saucepan every once in awhile.

Species like Spotted Gum, Ironbark and Jarrah all have a high hardness scale and will be less prone to dents from dropped objects.

Of course if you’re going for a more barn style authentic look, then go with a lower scale option that will show signs of wear & tear over time adding to the unique look and feel.

Lighter colours and textures can also hide small dents and scuff marks associated with high traffic areas like kitchens.

If you’re concerned about how your timber floor might wear over time, then the Spotted Gum or Ironbark would be a good option as the lighter colour tones will blend in and can actually look better with age.

If you’re going for a worn look from the get go, then Jarrah with its hard grade plus rich colour tones will age beautifully keeping its natural and elegant character.

So now onto some stylish hardwood flooring kitchens.

1. There’s just something immediately mesmerising about herringbone floors, and when they are laid throughout a divine timber kitchen, the result is a classic design that is both looks modern and unique.


Toorak Residence is a clean, sleek house in Melbourne, Australia. The kitchen is comprised of a herringbone timber floor in a light tone that provides the contrast of colour from the clean sleek white cabinetry.

This kitchen certainly does feel charming and more inviting having taken advantage of the herringbone wood floor.


2. Dark cabinets work extremely well with timber flooring, as can be seen in this next kitchen design.



3. The hardwood floors give this kitchen a rugged quality that is quite the opposite of the modern appliances and accessories that make up the rest of the space. The contrast between ultra-modern cabinets and worn-in wood floors makes this one-of-a-kind kitchen unique and inviting.

The aged look and perhaps treatment makes the timber floor a viable option for many that may fear damaging the floor boards from dropped pots, pans etc.



4. This bright and airy kitchen is full of natural light and looks like a warm and cosy country style home. Paired with a white timber plank ceiling and cabinetry are the factors that make the space feel so open, however the Reddish-brown floors keep the room grounded and add warmth to the space.

Whilst the statement pieces for some may very well be the timber cabinetry, we think the wide plank timber floor boards create a large amount of character for this kitchen.



5. The design layout of this kitchen is open, airy and perfect for hanging out with guests who can relax at the counter or the stunning reclaimed wood table at the adjoining dining room. Timber flooring made from Oregon White Oak.



6. Gorgeous Manchester Barn Style Home kitchen design with unique diamond shaped stain pattern on the timber flooring. Traditional and very classic.




So thats our take on 6 high quality timber flooring options for kitchens. The versatility and durability of hardwood timber flooring make it a popular alternative to stone or tiles.

Just think…

…A dark rich stain treatment or natural spotted gum timber could give your kitchen floor a distinctive warmth and old-world character that breaths life into your home.