Satin or matte floor finish – What type of gloss level is most stylish?


Satin vs Matte Floor Finishes

To many, the choice of floor finish would not be a major factor.

The fact is, depending on your lighting and hardwood type, the floor finish can have a great effect on the overall look.

So with that in mind, whilst there are 4 different levels of hardwood floor finish sheens:

Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss and Glossy…

In this article where going to look at the two trending finishes of late – matte vs satin!

So what exactly do we mean by matte or satin finish.

Well the finish is commonly called “sheen level or gloss level” and you can consider this to be how shinny your finished flooring surface is.

Various people make different choices for many reasons.

Typically a sheen or gloss level is measured by how much light is mirrored off the flooring from a particular angle. Standards apply a 60 degree angle as this would be how a person would view the floor whilst standing.

Many considerations need to be taken when choosing your sheen level, however the glossier you go, means extra light will be mirrored off the floors.

It’s crucial to understand that different wood species will certainly produce various sheen levels.

Refined variances in shine level can be the result of differing timber species and the colour tones.

The toughness of the timber surface is not affected with the choice in sheen level, though its more attributed to an aesthetics choice.

Taking a look now at Matte and Satin Finish!

Satin Timber Floor Finishes

With ease of care and a middle ground in having luster, the Satin finish seems to be one of the most popular of late with around 35-40% sheen level.

It will provide the room both a contemporary and also traditional feel.

The surface is easy to tidy. Importantly, satin reveals the scrapes, blemishes as well as the dirt much less. So, it’s less complicated to keep and cleanse, as well as, it has the tendency to look newer much longer.

Spreading the light evenly across the floors, a Satin finish has the unique ability to give off an appearance the floors are new and fresh.

The majority of decorators advise this sheen degree, as well as my greater end clients have the tendency to strongly prefer satin surface. A satin coating is usually used with traditional colours, as well as a smooth structure.

The trend over the last few years has actually been towards reduced gloss finishes as they are extra functional, specifically for households with kids as well as pets. They aid hide the regular damage from strolling, chair movements, toys and high heels.

Here are some examples of satin finished timber floors:


Matte Timber Floor Finishes

A matte coating has little sheen surface around 10-25% luster.

The consensus amongst interior stylists feel that the matte floors look plain with this sort of surface so it would be beneficial to compliment the interior with contrasting tones.

There are exceptions to those that highly prefer this flat coating as it provides a clean and sleek appearance.

Perfect for kids rooms or within high traffic spaces, a matte finish floor will be certainly far better able to conceal scruffs, scratches, dirt and particles. This feature makes maintenance for matte floors extremely low.

A classic style with a little bit of retro, large barn styled planks with a matte finish is a best example of an application that functions perfectly with this sort of wood floor finish.

A matte coating is additionally a great means of accomplishing a classic, high build flawless floors bringing out the natural beauty such as the casual refinement of Scandinavian styled floor covering.

When a flooring is purposely wire-brushed or painted for a lets say a retro finish, this coating is nearly always used as it would reflect minimal amounts of light.

Ultimately if you desire a hardwood floor that will stay looking new and fresh much longer and is very easy to keep clean or perhaps not show up scratches, then consider a matte surface finish for your floors.

Here are some examples of matte finished timber floors.


So what to do if your floors are putting off too much light or showing up scratches?

The excellent news is that you could generally do a sand and re-coat to change the luster level of your floor.

Satin is by far the preferred option for the Newcastle area. The majority of our customers particularly ask for this surface finish.

Freedom Flooring finds this easiest to do if you have strong hardwood flooring boards in great shape.

We can take a small layer off your boards during the sanding process to bring the boards back to a natural surface, then apply our preferred Satin or Matte coating.

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