How To Prep Concrete Slab For Hardwood Flooring

Changing the floor of your home seems like an exciting idea. Not only will it give the house a new look, but it can also complement the home’s overall interior. Hardwood flooring is a good option for a lot of homes. Hardwood timber flooring is guaranteed durable and is low maintenance. However, without any knowledge of its installation, it can easily be a nightmare for you.

Installing hardwood flooring on top of a concrete slab shouldn’t be a complicated process. It can be done by contractors, or even yourself, as long as you have the right tools and a bit of knowledge on its installation. Many Newcastle home owners have taken on the projects themselves, and whilst we always recommend using professional timber flooring installers to complete the project, we have put together some tips for DIY projects.

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Here are some of our tips for preparing concrete before laying your hardwood timber floor:

Prepping the floor

If you are using an old floor, and it has previous paint, you’ll have no other option but to remove it. By eliminating the paint, it ensures that the adhesive is going to stick to your concrete. For this particular part of the job, you will need the right tools that can take the paint out.

Pay close attention to the moisture of concrete

If you are dealing with hardwood floor, keep in mind that it can expand once moisture gets involved. This is the reason why you don’t want it constantly exposed to wetness. You have to keep in mind that new concrete is filled with moisture.

It takes around a month before moisture testing could even begin if it is new concrete. If you decided to work in your home, it is important that you don’t hurry the installation of hardwood floor on new concrete. You can hasten the process of decreasing the moisture in new concrete by proper ventilation and drying.

Preventive moisture control

One measure that you can do to prevent moisture from getting to your hardwood floor is by installing a polyethylene sheet over the concrete. This step prevents migration of moisture that comes from the concrete into your floor.

Consider the height

If you are going to compare installing solid timber flooring on concrete slab relative to a wood subfloor, the former is more complicated. It is imperative that you make use of underlayment which can increase the height of the floor by around 40mm. It is important that the additional height won’t be a problem on your cabinet and your doors.

If the 40mm extra height for your floor is a bit too much for the door and cabinets, consider scrapping the idea of using hardwood floor. Instead, stick with a laminated wood floor instead. This option will most likely just give your floor an additional 20mm. This option is also easier to install, not to mention, cheaper.

Our team at Freedom Flooring can help you manage the tasks in preparing for a hardwood flooring over concrete. Click here to view our full service details.