Blackbutt Flooring – A look at the ever popular light toned hardwood?

The heartwood in Blackbutt can be any colour from golden yellow to fade brown. Sometimes, some pink may permeate in.

Blackbutt has a straight grain and even texture and a result, it is quite popular for interior applications.

Although Blackbutt can be painted or stained, we believe it’s best finished sanded & polished to show of it’s natural characteristics.

Blackbutt is a versatile timber that is used for many domestic applications, both interior and outside. These include framing, poles, wood decking and the ever popular interior timber flooring.

Blackbutt flooring is a premium flooring options and is one of the highest value timbers predominantly grown in the north coast of NSW, called the Northern Region.

It is also common in and around coastal forests, from southern Queensland to southern NSW. Plantations are established in Australia and many overseas countries.

Australia’s vast forests are carefully, conservatively handled to ensure an accountable amount of wood is gathered. Timber utilises a fairly small quantity of energy throughout processing compared to other building materials like metals and concrete, the timber itself is a carbon storer and has a long working life.

Because it is extremely durable it can be sawn and dressed in a much larger range of sizes upwards of 125mm to 130mm wide and around 14mm in thickness.

It’s this durability and ability to be dressed to such a thickness make sit one of the most popular choices for timber floor coverings.

Blackbutt timbers are chosen for their lightness of colour. There are many different species of hardwood with richness of grain that makes them a popular hardwood.

In NSW, we are very lucky to have access to such an excellent supply of rich coloured hardwood. Though many homeowners will make the choice for the darker tones, many individuals have actually desired to go to something with lighter tones while retaining the warmth and charm of hardwood.

This is where Blackbutt has become a favourite. There is a richness in the tone which is actually shown to be extremely popular. The New South Wales range tends towards pale colours and pinks, whilst the Western Australian range tends towards pale colours and light browns and gold.

Blackbutt timber has lots of natural features including:

– Insect trails
– Gum Veins & gum pockets
– Knots
– Surface monitoring
– Burrs (aka burls).

The Janka Dry Solidity = 9.1

Blackbutt floorboard dimensions range is:

– 63x19mm
– 85x19mm
– 108x19mm
– 130x19mm
– 180×20.5 mm

Blackbutt flooring is available in the following grades:

Classic grade – Is primarily clean boards with very little natural features. This grade offers a more consistent, tidy, sophisticated appearance.

Standard & better grade – has a larger variety of features having mixed cleaner boards and moderately featured boards. It can be thought of as the leading 50% cleanest boards.

Australiana grade – has a moderate quantity of natural features. Australiana grade gives off the more natural side of the hardwood species.

Natural grade – has the highest amount of natural features. A rough, rustic appearance that flaunts the hardwood in its rawest natural appeal. As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate at least one significant natural feature in every board. This grade is more often known as ‘rustic grade’.

Overall, Blackbutt flooring is an excellent option in Newcastle for those who need a durable and long-lasting floor particularly for growing families. Blackbutt flooring also has a high resistance to excessive wear and tear, which makes it a good choice for property investors providing a high-end feel in their properties.

The floor boards come in a variety of neutral, easy-to-match colours; this makes it particularly easy for homeowners to retrofit the flooring into their home’s existing décor.

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